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working today for a better tomorrow

The actions we take today are going to define the Village of Oak Park for the next 50 years. I am running for Village Board to implement the next generation of common sense, progressive policies for safe streets, crime reduction, equity, tax fairness and affordability, and climate change. 


Transportation Safety

We need to make our streets safe for everyone living, working, and playing in Oak Park–whether biking, walking, driving, or using public transportation. Together, we can identify common-sense solutions that get drivers to slow down, look up from their phones, and stop hitting our kids.

Keeping Oak Parkers safe from gun violence and violent crime is an absolute priority.  This is an equity issue: gun violence and violent crime disproportionately impact marginalized communities. Ensuring Oak Park is safe requires taking a holistic and regional approach.

Public Safety


Oak Park must examine every policy–new and existing–through an equity lens. It is only by doing this that we can move our village forward and deliver on the promise of Oak Park. 

Property taxes are a major financial pressure on both homeowners and renters. But it’s time for the corporate interests, like the ones who own the largest buildings in Oak Park, to pay their fair share, too, so we can lower taxes on families while maintaining our community values. This will allow lifelong residents to stay in their homes, while new neighbors join our vibrant and welcoming community.

tax fairness & affordability

climate change

Climate change is happening, and we need to respond urgently. Oak Park has an opportunity to be a national leader on climate change, and took an important  first step with our Community Sustainability, Climate Action & Resilience Plan. But plans without follow through will only let our families down. We must act now to respond to the threat posed by climate change and to preserve the future of Oak Park.


By choosing common sense, progressive policies–like we did 50 years ago–we can create a Village that we will be proud to hand down to our children.

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